Reasons Why Magento Is Better Than BigCommerce

Reasons Why Magento Is Better Than BigCommerce

Are you looking for scalable software?

If you’re looking to migrate to a more scalable platform, you must know that there are plenty of enterprise ecommerce platforms available in market. However, they differ in their offerings and features. Even though, an ecommerce platforms comparison can help you to decide better. But, if you wish for scalable software that allows you to grow with your brand, quality assessment must be done then.

Let’s pay close attention to big enterprise ecommerce platforms Magento and BigCommerce, and how they ally with your business goals.

Magento vs. BigCommerce

While BigCommerce is more known for its ease-of-use and brisk setup, Magento is famous for its robust features which makes it ideal for those brands that have high expectations in ecommerce space.

More Customization

When it comes to customization, a basic ecommerce platform is not likely to meet your growing business needs. This is because retailers want a more personalized experience for their brand. And it’s only possible when you choose an enterprise ecommerce platform to suit your business goals. Since BigCommerce uses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which doesn’t allows much functionality to modify the templates and thus limits the customization. On the other hand, Magento puts no limitations on customization and versatility. However, the real limitation comes down to your budget, imagination and skill of your developers.

Good for B2B Ecommerce

There is not much difference in functionality for b2b merchants whether they choose Magento Enterprise or BigCommerce. They have almost similar offerings such as, simplified segmentation, wholesale buying, pricing and product types. Apart from it, merchants can also get benefit from multiple payment options on both platforms.

Usability and Control

For those who are new to ecommerce, BigCommerce may assist them with the fresh breath of ease. Since BigCommerce is easy to learn platform, it lacks in providing control over your site. On the contrary, Magento boasts of scalability and control that makes it ideal for mid-size and larger enterprises. However, the downside to this platform is lack of ease to use and launch a store.


Both share a good place in E-commerce market. BigCommerce can be a great option for smaller to mid-size businesses that need a quick store without much concern of customization and integration.

Nevertheless, Magento Enterprise is a suitable choice of many established retailers. Those who need unlimited customization ability on both design and functionality can opt for Magento 2.

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