Key Points to Consider While Choosing Scalable Ecommerce Platforms

Key Points to Consider While Choosing Scalable Ecommerce Platforms

Worldwide ecommerce sales are lifting up. This shows the absolute need for building online stores. Amidst the rush of online businesses, there comes ecommerce platform which power these e-retail stores for effortless functioning.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce have made managing and marketing online businesses easier than ever before. Not only they offer essential tools, but also equip your store with data analytics so that you can measure success and failure of your store as well.

Whether you are an experienced player in ecommerce industry or newly entered, be mindful of these factors while choosing an ecommerce platform.

Integration Options

Integration is one of the most crucial feature of an ecommerce platform. Since different tasks of online business require various plug-ins and software, make sure your business and ecommerce platform are compatible with each other.

Also, an enterprise scalable platform should provide third-party integrations like email marketing tools, plugins, geolocation, content management systems, tax management, and customer reward programs.


What good an enterprise ecommerce platform can bring if it’s unable to scale up with your venture, right? Yet, it is a critical task to realize scalability of enterprise ecommerce platforms. You can check scalability of a solution by tweaking traffic from low to high. By doing so, you can find out whether the ecommerce solution has ability to handle the traffic spikes or not. Similarly, error messages, frozen web pages and sluggish load times are reasons that make customers frustrated, and thus drive them away.

User Experience

A web design is a key element in keeping the ecommerce website together. A seamless experience and a flawless UX can help retailers with more conversions. Things like intuitive navigation, category pages, guest checkout, are some key elements that an enterprise ecommerce platform should offer.

Cyber Security

Online shopping becomes risky without considering security parameters. This is why you must take hacking and theft in serious manner. Cyber security allows customers to enter their credit card details online without any fear. So, if you want customers to trust your business and make purchases again and again, you must partner with a platform that brings a secure environment. Make sure chosen platform be SSL certified and PCI compliant for increased security.


To get customer’s attention in today’s market is a whole new ball game. They are not only looking for products and prices out there. Instead, they expect a seamless experience.

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